Check: the unofficial results

The official results of the PKO Poznań Virtual Run will be posted on the web site upon obtaining the screen photographs/screenshots from the competitors on 26 October 2020.

The details of the participants (given name, surname, year of birth, locality, country, club, age category, classified team, net time, gross time, sex) who have completed PKO Poznań Virtual Run will be placed in the race end results on the web site under the address:, unless the participant gives his/her consent to it. In case of a failure to give a consent by the participant to publish the aforementioned details, only the bib number and the achieved race time result will be posted.

In order to be classified, each participant registers his/her run by downloading the PKO Poznań Virtual Run mobile application or through another recording device (Endomondo, Strava, etc.). It is of importance for the competitor to be able to submit a screenshot of the recorded run/a screenshot showing the run with a distance and a time visible.

The screenshot must include information such as: a distance covered, a time and a date.

The screenshot should be sent by 25 October 2020 until 11:59a.m. through the PKO Poznań Virtual Run application.

The general and age classification will be based on the net times of all participants of the PKO Poznań Virtual Run.

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