About marathon's patron
Maciej Frankiewicz, a former vice President of Poznań, apart from his hard work on making Poznań a prosperous city, made a huge impact on progress of Poznań sport.

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11.07.2018 /

Training plans from Night Runners

Especially for runners preparing for the 19. PKO Poznań Marathon. Paweł Grzonka from the running group Night Runners prepared two training plans. (more…)

10.07.2018 /

Do you have any questions? We answer!

Many people, especially those who will debut at the 19. PKO Poznań Marathon, have many organizational questions regarding the marathon weekend. (more…)

6.07.2018 /

We are looking for volunteers

If despite the enormity of your daily responsibilities, you still have time, but above all, you want to take extra activity, we invite you to our team! Join the group of 900 volunteers and organize the 19. PKO Poznań Marathon with us. (more…)

4.07.2018 /

Sign up 100 days before and choose your number!

From tomorrow will be 100 days till 19. PKO Poznań Marathon! On this occasion we have prepared a surprise for future marathoners. (more…)


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