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About marathon's patron
Maciej Frankiewicz, a former vice President of Poznań, apart from his hard work on making Poznań a prosperous city, made a huge impact on progress of Poznań sport.

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31.01.2024 /

Registration for the 23rd Poznań Marathon has started!

Today, at exactly 12:00, registration for the next edition of the run at the royal distance in the capital of Wielkopolska has started. We will meet at the starting line of the Maciej Frankiewicz event for the 23rd time. Before registering, we encourage you to read the rules and regulations, which contain all useful information on the Poznan Marathon. (more…)

29.01.2024 /

On January 31, we start the registration!

This Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. registration for the 23rd Poznań Marathon will be launched! Do not forget to read the regulations, where you can find the most important information concerning our race. (more…)

24.01.2024 /

Read the regulations of the 23rd Poznań Marathon!

This year you will be able to plan your start in autumn well in advance. We invite you to read the regulations, in which you will find a lot of useful information concerning our run. (more…)

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