About marathon's patron
Maciej Frankiewicz, a former vice President of Poznań, apart from his hard work on making Poznań a prosperous city, made a huge impact on progress of Poznań sport.

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12.12.2018 /

Registration for the 20. PKO Poznań Marathon already started!

Today, December 12, 2018. we have launched a registration system at the 20. PKO Poznań Marathon, which will take place on October 20, 2019. (more…)

27.11.2018 /

The best t-shirt in the world!

At the beginning of September, we have already informed you that the Poznań Marathon won in the category „The prettiest t-shirt in the world” during the XXI World Congress of Association of International Marathons and Distance Races in Tallin. (more…)

23.11.2018 /

Official results 19. PKO Poznań Marathon them. Maciej Frankiewicz

We already have the official results of the 19. PKO Poznań Marathon, which we received after doing anti-doping tests. You can check your final position on the list of results. (more…)

14.10.2018 /

Results of marathon lottery

19. PKO Poznań Marathon was especially lucky for many runners because they won one of the valuable prizes in the marathon lottery. (more…)


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