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19.09.2019 /

500 additional runners can sign up for the jubilee Poznań Marathon!

20. PKO Poznań Marathon starts on October 20! The jubilee edition is a big challenge for us organizers! Interest and huge emotions that arouses participation in the 20th PKO Poznań Marathon of Maciej Frankiewicz fill us with great joy! That is why we would like to inform you about the pool of 500 additional start packages available for those who did not manage to register in advance. (more…)

16.09.2019 /

Let’s run together! Lidl provides runners with energy from fruits.

The next sports excitements are before us. At the same time there is a chance to try one’s hand or even break the personal record during the 20nd PKO Poznan Marathon. Once again Lidl will accompany the runners in their sport struggle. (more…)

13.09.2019 /

Limit of 6300 runners was achieved!

Limit of 6,300 runners for this year’s 20th PKO Poznań Marathon of Maciej Frankiewicz was achieved. Thank you for wanting to celebrate the jubilee edition of the race with us. (more…)

12.09.2019 /

Limit of 6,000 participants increased!

On September 11, the limit of 6,000 competitors was reached for this year’s 20th PKO Poznań Marathon of Maciej Frankiewicz. By decision of the Marathon Director Łukasz Miadziołko, the limit was increased by an additional 300 places. (more…)

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