About marathon's patron
Maciej Frankiewicz, a former vice President of Poznań, apart from his hard work on making Poznań a prosperous city, made a huge impact on progress of Poznań sport.

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25.05.2015 /

Music video made during the race in Poznań!

Poznań Half Marathon has been captured in the latest Jacek MEZO Mejer music video „Muzyka, Sport, Motywacja”, who completed the run as its contestant. The hit is a great music motivation to stand up from a couch and train for an upcoming marathon.


25.05.2015 /

Power comes from nature

Power, courage, speed. These attributes make some animals survive in very bad conditions, hence stand out from other animals.


6.05.2015 /

Try something different – run marathon in Poznań!

You are probably a running freak and have already run a few marathons in your country. You love your friends cheering on you and you can’t imagine a better atmosphere during the race than in your homeland, can you?


27.04.2015 /

PKO Bank Polski – Title sponsor of the 16. PKO Poznań Marathon

PKO Bank Polski is inviting everyone to one of the biggest running events in Poland, which is held at the beginning of October. Start in the 16. PKO Poznań Marathon and join the charity action! We are looking forward to seeing you at the start, where you can get a card imprinted with „biegnę dla…” („I’m running for…”). Bank employees also participate in this country wide charity action that has already gathered 400 people.



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