Poznań Marathon
Countdown to the 15 Poznan Marathon
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About marathon's patron
Maciej Frankiewicz, a former vice President of Poznań, apart from his hard work on making Poznań a prosperous city, made a huge impact on progress of Poznań sport.

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16.04.2014 /

New payment method

We would like to inform you that our registration system is now connected with the payment system. Therefore you have to use a credit card or do the money transfer online to enrol to the Marathon.

15.04.2014 /

Different goals, one way

Running is an amazing sport discipline, because anyone can do it, no matter what your age, gender, profession, skill set or sport history is. Everyone can practise it and everyone finds something amazing about it. (more…)

15.04.2014 /

Registration for the Marathon opens today!

Don’t wait until the very last minute. Send your application today.

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