1. Each participant runs or runs/walks the distance of his/her choice, and in case of the wheelchair users, the distance should be covered in the wheelchair.
  2. Each participant determines a route and a start time, a duration of the run and its finish on the individual basis.
  3. The run is virtual, which means that the runners do not meet together at the start of the run, but each runner covers a selected distance individually in a designated area. The competitor decides by himself/herself where the start and the finish of his/her run will be and does it on his/her own responsibility.
  4. Distances: 5 km, 10 km, Half-marathon (21.097 km), Marathon (42.195 km).
  5. The competitor may cover the distance of his/her choice on any area, while maintaining a social distance, as recommended by the Ministry of Health and Main Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS).
  6. The competitors are obliged to comply with the Road Traffic Act as long as their route runs along the roads.