Video presentation of the medal of the 20th PKO Poznań Marathon with the international A’design award!

Our animation presenting the medal of the 20th PKO Poznań Marathon Maciej Frankiewicz was awarded the Silver Design Award in the plebiscite A’design! in the category of film, video and animation.

This is one of the world’s most important awards for designers. The creator of the highlighted animation is the Artmask Group design studio, which designed the medal itself and the entire graphic design of the event.

On the award-winning thirty-second animation, the small fragments merge into the medal of the 20th PKO Poznań Marathon. All competitors who finished last year’s race received the Trophy containing the inscription 20 years of the PKO Poznań Marathon and the image of Maciej Frankiewicz, the originator and co-creator of the event.

A’design! award for the design industry is comparable to movie Oscars award. For the winners it is a ticket to prestige and publicity and guarantees market recognition. The Poznań design studio in this year’s edition of A’Design & Competition competed, among others with giants like Fox News. The award ceremony will take place in Como, Italy, when the coronavirus pandemic situation allows.

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