Course mapSince 2012, the Poznań Marathon runners city is located on the grounds of the Poznań International Fair. Invariably for the last 7 years, the starting point will be the beginning of Grunwaldzka Street, the desired finish line will be on the familiar for participants of previous Marathons editions on Mark’s Square. Changes compared to last year’s route will mainly concern the direction in which the marathon wave will move.

This year, for the first time, the runners had a real influence on which streets will run particular sections of the marathon distance. As Organizers, we wanted runners to take an active part in preparing for the jubilee edition of the Poznań Marathon, because it is their running festival! By March 5 everyone could send us their route design. Finally, we took into account the suggestions that were most often repeated. After analyzes, conversations and minor technical adjustments, the route with the ideas of runners received the approval of the police, security services and institutions responsible for organizing the traffic – explains Łukasz Miadziołko, Director of Poznań Marathon. This year’s jubilee loop is supposed to be a dream route for runners.

Saint Wawrzyniec Str. – quickly and painlessly

So far, this street was associated with competitors with a fierce long run up to a 35 km, so 7 km before the finish line. Currently, it is 12 km of a new route, where runners can let their feet free running down.

Sentimental return

Until 2011, the Malta Lake was the heart of the Poznań Marathon. This is where its story began. Runners give this place a huge fondness – here were the gates of the start and finish of the first 12 editions of the Poznań Marathon. This year, the competitors will run along Lake Malta, circling them practically in their entirety, catch their breath and enjoy beautiful views.

Less turns, more straight run

The routes of previous editions consisted of numerous turns as well as many short uphill runs. The current one consists of a few long straight sections that can significantly improve the individual times of runners.

The Poznań Marathon will start a 6-kilometer straight along Grunwaldzka street, then the competitors will turn back and at the height of the Poznań Stadium, turn left to the junction at St.. Wawrzyniec Str. . After 13 kilometers, runners will run through the charming Sołacki Garden , al. Wielkopolska, Solna str. up to Warszawska str. Round the Malta Lake and on the arc of Kurlandzka str. will run to the final stage of the route run on Hetmańska str., Arciszewskiego str. and Ściegienngo str. to run back on Grunwaldzka str., wich will lead them to the finish line.

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At the same time, we would like to inform you that in accordance with the requirements of the International Association of Street and Long-Distance Running as well as the IAAF, accurate route measurement will take place until 30 August 2019, and after this date, the official route will be announced. Until then, small changes may occur in its course.