PKO Poznań Virtual Run is already behind us!

Last weekend, crowds of runners and runners ran out to the streets, park paths, and their own gardens to cover the selected distance as part of PKO Poznań Virtual Run.

We are happy that despite the prevailing situation in the world, you still want to run, train and compete in competitions, even though they have a changed form that differs from the one you love the most. We believe that every way is good to improve your results, give in to healthy competition (even virtual!) and continue in the passion that drives you to act. We are proud to present the statistics of the run you co-created with us:

5 km × 324 people = 1620 km in total
10 km × 450 people = 4,500 km in total
21.097 km × 395 people = 8333.315 km in total
42.195 km × 130 people = 5,485.35 km in total

A total of 1299 people took off, covering the distance of 19,938.655 km – we are impressed and thank you for your trust and your commitment! :)

We would like to remind you that we are waiting for your results until October 26 – after this date we will publish the official results of the race.

You don’t know how to put your result into the application? Here you will find all the answers: PKO Poznań Virtual is already behind you? See how to submit your score!