PKO Poznań Virtual is already behind you? See how to submit your score!

What will the results of the race look like?

The unofficial results of PKO Poznań Virtual Run will be posted in the Virtual Run / Results tab immediately after the run. The official results of PKO Poznań Virtual Run will be posted after the competitors have obtained photos / screenshots on October 26, 2020.

Participants’ data (name, surname, year of birth, city, country, club, age category, classified team, net time, country, gender) of PKO Poznań Virtual Run will be included in the final results of the run on the run’s website, provided that the participant agrees . In the absence of the participant’s consent to include the above-mentioned data, only the participant’s bib number and time will be included in the official results.

Each participant, in order to be classified, registers his run by downloading the PKO Poznań Virtual Run mobile application or via another recording device (Endomondo, Strava, etc.). It is important for the competitor to be able to upload a screenshot of the recorded race / screenshot showing the race with visible distance and time.

The screenshot must contain information such as: distance traveled, time and date. The screenshot must be sent by October 25, 2020. until 23.59 via the PKO Poznań Virtual Run application. The general and age classification will be based on the net times of all participants of PKO Poznań Virtual Run.

The application can be downloaded here:

How to save time in the Poznań Virtual Run application?

If you run with the Poznań Virtual Run application:

  1. Before starting, make sure that you have the most current version of the application, and the application itself has all the necessary approvals for proper operation (in particular, permission to run in the background and disable energy saving)
  2. Run the application
  3. Select the event (distance) you are attending
  4. Press „Register race” and enter your starting number and the e-mail address provided during registration
  5. After successful login, the distance recording screen will be displayed
  6. Press start and start your run
  7. After reaching the distance, the application will automatically stop the time and show a summary window
  8. After uploading the result to the system, the application activates the „My result” tab, where you will see the current place

The accuracy of the route recording via GPS is influenced by many factors, including: phone model, operating system, cellular network, current weather conditions, case / cover, starting point and availability of GPS satellites. You should also remember that the application has permission to run in the background.

In view of the above, we suggest mirroring the GPS tracking with the application you use on a daily basis for training or with a GPS watch. This applies in particular to the half-marathon and marathon distances.


The application should have permission to work in the background (SETTINGS – APPLICATIONS – Poznań Virtual Race – BATTERY – you should allow the application to work in the background. The option of energy optimization should also be disabled.

iOS (iPhone)

The application should have permission to refresh in the background (SETTINGS – Poznań Virtual Race – BACKGROUND REFRESHING enabled).

During the first launch, the application will ask for permission for GPS tracking / location and access to the camera. You must agree to both functions for the application to work properly.

How do I save the time if I choose to start with my own tracker app or GPS watch?

If you choose to start with your own tracking application or a GPS watch, you must:

  • upload at least one, maximum 3 graphic files (file extension .jpg or .png, file size, max 2mb)
  • enter the registration e-mail (provided during registration)
  • enter the bib number
  • enter the time

The option to upload the result will be available on October 17 and 18, both in the application via „Upload your result), and also via the website using the ADD RESULT option.

Only results in which the screenshot shows the date, distance and time will be accepted. If the distance in the screenshot is slightly greater than the one required to run, the time taken is taken into account, not the time adjusted to the distance of the event.

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