PKO Bank Polski and Lidl Polska are running with us!

There are Sponsors who have been supporting our events for years and they do it regardless of the situation in the country and in the world.

Such wonderful sponsors are PKO Bank Polski and Lidl Polska, who also this year contributed to the organization of PKO Poznań Virtual Run, for which we are very grateful. But this cooperation is not just about support … well, both PKO and Lidl will put their players to run in the coming weekend, and they are the most numerous teams of all! In addition, two ambassadors decided to run in the team of Bank PKO – Paweł Januszewski and Sebastian Chmara! We believe that this support necessary in organizational activities will result in a great running weekend and lots of personal best for both the Sponsors’ teams and all the daredevils who will start at the distances of 5 km, 10 km, half-marathons and marathons. Good luck!