Let’s run together! Lidl provides runners with energy from fruits.

The next sports excitements are before us. At the same time there is a chance to try one’s hand or even break the personal record during the 20nd PKO Poznan Marathon. Once again Lidl will accompany the runners in their sport struggle.

Participation in marathon is a real challenge – athletes train for months, while the day of the run is a sum of hard work, regular diet and regeneration. Lidl knows the importance of energy balance during sports effort – meeting this need, we provide the food products at the nutrition points as well as at the point of finish.

Fruits are the best source of vitamins – for athletes this is a real injection of energy. This is why Lidl hands over fresh and juicy fruits, right from ‘Lidl’s Market’: 4 tonnes of bananas, 1,5 tonne of apples, 1 tonne of oranges, 300 kilograms of grapes and 250 kilograms of rosins.

The organization of such big event requires months of preparations in advance as well as on the day of marathon. It would not be possible without support of volunteers. Thinking about this priceless support Lidl Poland provides 2.000 food packets for them. Each packet includes: Roger wafer, apple and Saguaro water.

We hope to provide a lot of energy with our food products and lead the athletes to the finish with the best results. We cross the fingers. Good luck!