Jubilee Fortuna Brewery for a marathon runner!

It is said that the opportunity to drink a good drink is always there. However, it is worth celebrating those successes on which we have worked particularly long!

You agree that the preparations that make up the long, tedious trainings and then successfully completed the marathon are a feat that deserves a special celebration!

So that the taste of your victory is even more complete, from 2015 at the finish line of the Poznań Marathon, you and your friends and family can toast with beer from Brevery Fortuna. In the marathon town you can quench your thirst with a cool Fortune Black or with Miłosaw Pilzner. In addition, you can also feel the unique taste of beer before the start, because our partner supply each starter pack with the Miłosław alkohol free IPA beer with a special jubilee label!

The natural recipe and unique brewing method used by Fortuna Brewery gives the beer acquires a noble taste worth every kilometer! Sign up and celebrate with us 20. PKO Poznań Marathon of Maciej Frankiewicz!