20th medal for the collection

It is already known that navy and gold colors will dominate on October 20! In such colors runners and organizers will celebrate 20 years of running tradition in Poznań at a royal distance.

The runners also know what the jubilee shirt will look like and that the starter pack will contain a multi-functional chimney, cotton shoulder bag, beer from Brewery Fortuna with a jubilee label, chocolate Terravita, a natural energy drink from Veroni Active, as well as a voucher with a discount of -50 % on any Lech Poznań match that will be played at the Poznań City Stadium valid until the end of this year.

Medal of the 20th PKO Poznań Marathon of Maciej Frankiewicz

The rich history that medals of the previous Poznań Marathon editions carry is a mosaic of commemorative figures and events related to the capital of Greater Poland. This idea was born in 2006 and the organizers continue with it to this day! Two decades of running tradition over a distance of 42,195 km mean that it is the number 20 that dominates this year’s medal. A significant element of the jubilee album design is also the figure of Maciej Frankiewicz – the initiator and originator, and since 2010 the patron of the Poznań marathon. He was vice president of the city and took an active part in the race. He was a runner in the first 9 editions of the event, which he sought, and which now attracts runners from around the world. A collage of selected photographs presenting the outline of participants competing in previous years was created on a gold sash with a silver medal.

It is worth noting that currently 64 runners have a full collection of 19 medals from all editions of the Poznań Marathon.

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