4MOVE isotonic at the start and finish

Dear Runners,

One more time we meet along the way in this journey to complete a marathon. We cheer on you and support you in your challenge, but above all else we give you best appropriate fit food so you could fight any crisis effectively.

At nutrition points, on the marathon route,  you’ll get best isotonic – 4MOVE. This isotonic plays fundamental role in body irrigation and electrolytes, carbs and mineral salts supplementation. Thanks to it, you will run faster and farther. There will be various flavours available so you can enjoy your favourite drink. We know that such details are important when the body gets exhausted.

This coming marathon will be a spectacular win for each of you, because running breaks human limitations. Small successes in getting further with each consecutive run or breaking expected times are great motivation to go extra mile not only in sport, but also in everyday life.

Keep moving! – Never stop!

4MOVE team